MAE examines simplification of issuance of small cross-border traffic permits

Publish date: 08-03-2010
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Ministry of Foreign Affairs examines together with the authorities in charge in Romania simplification ways for the issuance of the small cross-border traffic permit for Moldovan citizens, both in line with the valid bilateral agreements and the European norms in the field of crossing the border and Schengen rules, MAE told AGERPRES at its request.

MAE stressed it is in contact with the officials in Brussels to this end and promises to come back with fresh information on the matter.Prime Minister Emil Boc urged on Wednesday the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to simplify the application forms for the Republic of Moldova citizens who wish to enter Romania under conditions of the recently signed accord between Bucharest and Chisinau, aimed at easing the small cross-border traffic.

Conditions imposed for getting the small cross-border traffic permit, namely the obligation to present invitations and revealing documents in Romania, including by notary authentication, triggered discontent among the Republic of Moldova population, as well as of the authorities in Chisinau, according to the press in this country.

On Wednesday as well, the Premier of the Republic of Moldova, Vlad Filat, asked the members of his Cabinet to discuss with the Romanian side the easing of conditions in which the small cross-border traffic permit is issued, after a surprise visit to Romania's Consulate where he discussed with the staff members, but also with the discontented people who viewed the conditions imposed too harsh.

Starting March 1, Romania's Embassy to Chisinau consular section receives the applications for the small cross-border traffic permits, set to allow the Moldovan citizens to travel inside the border zone with Romania without visas.

The Small cross-border traffic accord between Romania and the Republic of Moldova, through which the Moldovan citizens who live close to the Romanian border can enter this country without visas, was enforced starting Feb. 26.As many as 1,250,000 Moldovan citizens could benefit of this accord, who reside within a 30-km radius of the border.

The respective permits issuance is of maximum 60 days since the application is registered, time when this is verified by the Romanian side, by the Moldovan one and the permit is printed. Till Romania's accession to the Schengen Space these permits will be released free of charge, after which a tariff will be set up, in the authorities intention at a minimum.

The Accord on the small cross-border traffic was signed by the governments of Romania and the Republic of Moldova on Nov. 13, 2009. Chisinau wished that the document was enforced at this year-start, but elections in Romania and post-electoral events delayed the procedure.

According to this accord, citizens legally residing for at least one year within a 30-km radius of the border could enter and stay in the similar border zone of the neighboring state for a three-months in a row. The accord is especially important for the Moldovan citizens who could enter Romania without visas, based on the passport accompanied by the small cross-border traffic permit, with a validity of 2-5 years.

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