Survey: Executives see more job cuts ahead

Publish date: 02-03-2010
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Romanian employers anticipate a relative stability in manufacturing activity over the next three months, a decline in construction and retailing industry, and a modest slowdown in services, with the majority of them expecting a reduction in their payrolls, a survey carried by the National Institute of Statistics found. According to the NIS survey, processing industry executives predict a relative stability in output, the cyclical variation being -3%, significantly improved from January survey, of -12%.
Processing industry executives expect a reduction in staff levels (cyclical variation -16%), particularly in case of small companies with a headcount below 50 (cyclical variation -19%). The largest job cuts are expected in steel industry, manufacturing of means of transport, chemical industry (cyclical variation -44%, -43% and -42%).

Also in the survey, executives expect a moderate growth in industrial products prices in the next three months (cyclical variation +6%).According to February survey, activity in construction may see a decline in output (cyclical variation -22%) and in orders and contracts (cyclical variation -22%). However, the survey data points to a gradual improvement in confidence from January when cyclical variations in the sector were -39% and -32% respectively.

Also in construction, employers predict a reduction in the payrolls (cyclical variation -29%) and a relative stability in construction costs (cyclical variation -1%).For the retail trade, managers in the sector anticipate a slowdown in economic activity over the next three months (cyclical variation -16%). Total commodities sales volume is expected to shrink moderately (cyclical variation -10%), while total volume of orders to suppliers to drop accordingly (cyclical variation -19%).Retail trade employers reported a mild decrease in hiring confidence (cyclical variation -10%), and an increase in retail prices (cyclical variation +18%).In services field, managers see a modest decline in demand (turnover) with a cyclical variation of -14%. Staff levels are also expected to be reduced (cyclical variation -13%) especially by large companies with a headcount between 250 and 499.

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