A CE delegation comes to talk about reactor 3 and 4 in March

Publish date: 26-02-2010
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A delegation of the EC will come at the end of March to Romania, to discuss the future reactors 3 and 4 our country wants to build in Cernavoda, the general manager of Nuclearelectrica, Pompiliu Budulan. "The European Commission required technical details about the future reactors we want to build in Cernavoda. Some of the questions will be answered by the specialists from EnergoNuclear and others by the designer AECL. The Canadians in AECL ( Atomic Energy of Canada Limited)are the ones who have the designing licence, on the part of technology, and some questions could be only answered by the, that is why the answers were delayed" Budulan explained for NewsIn. Initially, the EC representatives had to come to Romania in December 2009, the visit was postponed for January 2010 and later for March 2010.

The delegation was formed from the representatives of the General Department for Energy Transport, of the European Commission. They want to see exactly how and where the two reactions will be built, so that they could decide on the project. The delegation has the intention to go on the site. The members of the delegation will get informed about the present situation of units 1 and 2 of the only nuclear power station in Romania. At present, there is the pre-project stage for reactors 3 and 4 in Cernavoda which lasts for 18 months and should end on 30 September 2010.

Nuclearelectrica and the six investors, ArcelorMittal, CEZ, GdF-Suez, Enel, Iberdrola and RWE Power signed on 20 November 2008 the agreement of the investors for the setting up of the project company ( SC EnergoNuclear SA) to build, put into effect and exploit units 3 and 4 from CNE Cernavoda. Following the negotiations, it was decided that shares should be divided like this: Nuclearelectrica - 51%. CEZ - 9,15%, GdF-Suez - 9,15%, Enel - 9,15%, RWE Power - 9,15%, and ArcelorMittal and Iberdrola, 6,2% each.

The estimated cost for the two reactors is four billion euros, and each unit will have an installed power of 720 MW. The life duration of one unit is of 30 years, with possible extension up to 40 years. Units 3 and 4 in CNE Cernavoda will use CANDU 6 technology. The negotiation process with the six investors started on 4 December 2007.

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