What the American investors in Romania say about the implementation of PPP projects

Publish date: 24-02-2010
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The present implementation framework is insufficient for motivating and drawing significant investment through projects partnership public-private (PPP) according to the American Chamber of Commerce in Romania.On a medium and long term, this situation will affect the very development of the public sector in Romania, as it will be in the impossibility of taking over from the private sector the managerial experience necessary to efficiently manage the public resources.

The proposal of the AmCham Romania consisted in drawing up a unitary policy adopted at the level of all ministries involved, for the stimulation of PPP projects in sectors such as health, infrastructure, and social infrastructure.The AmCham Romania promotes the improvement of the legislative and institutional framework for the implementation of projects PPP.

« We appreciate the governmental initiative to use the policy regarding PPP at the level of unity and set up a commission made up of representatives of several ministries with a view to extending the partnership public-private as a solution to draw new investments" a press release of AmChamRomania says. As an answer to this initiative and in the context of constant preoccupations regarding finding new solutions for drawing foreign investment to Romania, AmCham offered to the authorities the recommendations of their members for the improvement of the PPP framework to generate new major investments for the implementation of infrastructure projects.

The recommendations were made up in February in a small group of specialists in PPP, on the basis of the expertise of AmCham both locally and internationally/regionally taking into consideration the good practice in other EU member states, especially those in the UK, a country with tradition in the domain of PPP. They focus on the need to improve the existing framework, at the level of primary legislation, secondary and tertiary, correlated with the increase of transparency, of professional training and experience relevant for the contracting authorities. The revision of the applicant guide, as an essential instrument of PPP as well as the establishment of concrete procedure norms, will constitute the adequate framework for the implementation of such projects, to contribute to the development of Romania.

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