Perception regarding the evolution of the Romanian economy got worse

Publish date: 23-02-2010
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The perception of financial experts regarding the evolution of Romanian economy for the next six months got worse in February, but this is second in Central and Eastern Europe (ECE) as regards the attractiveness for foreign investment, according to a survey of ZEW institute.

The ZEW indicator regarding financial experts expectations for the next six months had a drop of 42.1 points, at 22.3 points, over the decline of 38.6 points recorded in the ECE region.
Poland is considered the most attractive country for foreign direct investment in the ECE region by the participants in the survey, while Romania is second.
The evaluation of the present situation of the Romanian economy got worse by 7.4 points, at 66 points, a study made by the centre for economic research ZEW in collaboration with the Austrian group Erste.
The indicator of expectations for ECE region dropped by 38.6 points in February at 20.5 points.
The perception of the economic evolution of the euro zone recorded a decline deeper than in ECE 41.9 points respectively, at 20.8 points.

"Among the reasons for the decline for economic expectatios there could be the discussion referring to the financial situation of Greece and the worries connected to the other states in the EU which are faced with budgetary difficulties" the ZEW analyst Mariela Borrel quoted by Bloomberg said.
The deepest drop in ECE of the indicator for the next six months was recorded in Croatia ( 48.7 points) followed by Romania ( 42.1 points) and Slovakia ( 41.7 points).

The ZEW institute analysed several states in ECE, Austria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Romania and Slovakia.

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