Loans must be restarted on healthy grounds, otherwise we risk a new crisis

Publish date: 19-02-2010
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Crediting must be resumed on healthy grounds at the same time with relaunching the economic growth, especially under the conditions where the degree of indebtness of the population is very high. " Loans do not have to start on unhealthy grounds. We have to make small steps, but constant to resume creditation of the economy, otherwise we could get to another crisis, which will be only ours" Ionut Dumitru said, the head economist of Raiffeisen Bank Romania, in a conference organized by FinMedia.

The fact that the National Bank of Romania made clear the fact that the banks should not be pushed to resume the creditation activity in an aggressive way as it is not healthy,this is very good, Dumitru considers.

« The level of indebtness in Romania is very high on the segment of the population and we have a potential reduced enough of creditation on the side of the population. The service of banking debt of the population as compared to the disposable income is, on average, in Romania 21-22%. If we compare to other states we will see that we have a level above the average. Moreover, if we refer to the people who have debts we will see that this level is 40%" the head economist at Raiffeisen Bank Romania said.

Moreover, besides the reduced potential for creditation of the sector of natural persons, the negative feeling of the consumers in Romania is another hindrance in relaunching the creditation activity.

'The rapid increase of credit in the past consummed almost the whole potential on a short term, existing in Romania. The potential is limited on a short term, but it remains at high level on a long term, but it is conditioned by the resumption of the economic activity" Dumitru says.

Raiffeisen Bank Romania estimates that the advance of the Romanian economy for this year will be approximately 1%.

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