BNR takes into consideration for 2010 price increase for gas, thermal energy and electricity

Publish date: 16-02-2010
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BNR takes into consideration, in the basic scenario regarding the inflation prognosis, an increase of the tariffs by 5% gas, 4% electricity and 5.2% thermal energy with the exception of the last category the other price increases being over the previous estimates made by the central bank. " As compared to the previous projection, in the basic scenario there are high increases of prices for electricity and natural gas, as well as prices of drugs, while in 2011 the price of drugs and tariffs of thermal energy and utilities will increase significantly" the quarterly report on inflation shows, BNR published.

The central bank anticipates a variation of the managed prices by 5.6% in 2010, against the previous estimate, presented in November which shows an increase of 2.7%. Under these conditions, the managed prices will have a contribution of 1.1 percentage points at the inflation for this year of 3.5%.
On the other hand, the electricity and thermal energy prices went up at the beginning of the year while the prices of gas is still contradictory.

Recently, the state secretary in the ministry of economy, commerce and business environment Tudor Serban stated that the price of gas will go up in April and the people with low income will be supported financially. « Starting April the price won't be kept anymore. The European Commission required to prepare graphics for 2012 - 2013" Serban said.

But shortly after, the representatives of the National Authority for Regulation in the domain of energy denied the information, stating that the price of natural gas could be kept for the whole 2010, if there are no low temperatures for a long period of time and if there are no problems with the transport system.

The ANRE chairman Petru Lificiu explained that he made " and experiment" and asked the heads of departments if the prices could be kept and the answers with one exception were positive.
The Bucharest authorities must present the European Commission by March a programme regarding the deregulation of the domestic gas price, following the requests received from the EC.

The price of gas paid by the Romanian consumers is the lowest in the EU, 50% of the Union average. Last year, the price paid by the population dropped by 8%. At the end of last year, Lificiu announced the price paid by companies and the population for electricity will increase by 3.5-4% starting 1 January 2010, being indexed with inflation. Both gas distributors, and electricity distributors required
ANRE the increase of prices of 1 January 2010. For thermal energy, tariffs are established at local level, on the basis of the agreement offered by the ANRE.

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