Photovoltaic energy to be produced in Floresti

Publish date: 12-02-2010
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Floresti Town Hall is the first local administration in the country to own an authorization to produce green power from photovoltaic source, receiving also green certificates to this purpose, said Local Council Chairman Mircea Cosma, on the occasion of a debate organized in this locality regarding the project 'Photovoltaic Energy in Floresti Town'.

Several projects regarding renewable energies were drafted in Prahova county (southern Romania), the most advanced being the one in Floresti regarding the implementation of photovoltaic energy, said Cosma during a debate attended by representatives of Prahova County Council, of the Agency for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energies in Ploiesti - Prahova as well as the mayors of the bordering localities.

Floresti town uses at present the photovoltaic energy in order to heat the school and the Community Centre in nearby Calinesti.

The Prahova County Council chairman also announced that another debate on renewable energies will be organized in three months' time, on the occasion of initiating the works for the 10 megawatt wind power stations park in Calugareni, where the wind measurements were finalized and the building authorization has already been released for a Romanian-Canadian group.Wind measurement masts are also installed at Jugureni and Boldesti-Scaieni, added Cosma.

The 'Installation and connection to the electro power system of the solar cell electric battery at Floresti 110/20 kW plant' project includes the following technical data: solar power plant with photovoltaic panels, with a total power of 22 kW; solar battery consisting in three solar panels groups, each group comprising 30 Polycristalline Silicon solar cells, of 245 W/element. The solar panels are connected to the system by means of electronic converters, to the low voltage panel of a transforming station in Floresti, situated near the power plant.

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