PM Boc: We will attract 4.3 B euros in EU funds in 2010

Publish date: 04-02-2010
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Romania will attract 4.3 billion euros in European funds in 2010, almost double compared to 2009, when the country only managed to attract 2.6 billion euros, Prime Minister Emil Boc on Wednesday said while paying an working visit to central Romanian city of Sibiu.

'I rely on the fact that last year we made a great effort to conclude many contracts for financing. Basically, last year, the number of financing contracts signed was three times higher compared to the period 2007-2008. Those money will be used in 2010 and in the subsequent years,' said Emil Boc.

The Prime Minister believes that another argument for drawing European funds would be the fact that, in 2009, Romania succeeded in accrediting all its management authorities at European level, which means they are able now to make direct payments.

The Premier also asked heads of devolved institutions in Sibiu to get more involved in attracting European funds and he also asked financial directors to declare 'total war to tax evasion.'

'I asked all those who work with European funds to stay vigilant, I asked them to declare total war to tax evasion. Before we think of other fees and taxes in Romania, we have an obligation to collect money from everyone correctly, so that the law to generate the same effects for everybody,' said the head of Executive.

Emil Boc on Wednesday paid an working visit to Sibiu. In the morning, the Prime Minister visited the Retrasib factory, producing components for the energy industry. He also had a meeting with the heads of decentralized institutions in the Sibiu County, with whom he talked about administrative reform, as well as a meeting with the Sibiu City Mayor Klaus Johannis and Chairman of the Sibiu County Council Martin Bottesch.


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