IMF delegation meets President Traian Basescu

Publish date: 25-01-2010
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The IMF delegation yesterday met President Traian Basescu at Cotroceni Palace, reports. Premier Emil Boc recently mentioned that Romania will have no trouble receiving the next tranches of the IMF loan, because it fulfilled the commitments it made in view of getting the money.

On the other hand, PM Emil Boc held a briefing about the calendar of parliamentary and government actions in view of enforcing the accord signed with the IMF, PDL vice-president Adriean Videanu announced yesterday, quoted by Mediafax. "Mr. Prime Minister briefed us on the talks he had and the calendar we must follow in the parliamentary and governmental actions, so that we carry on the accord with the IMF.

There are still some details to arrange, because we are in negotiations with the IMF," he said. Asked if Romania missed any deadline set during the negotiations with the IMF, Adriean Videanu answered that no such case occurred. The Finance Ministry will make in Government a presentation related to the enforcement of new measures within the accord, he added.

Talks about railway industry's debts

Transport Minister Radu Berceanu and Finance Minister Sebastian Vladescu had talks yesterday with the IMF representatives about the way in which the debts owed to the state and the contractors will be paid. 'The railway and subway companies have to receive subsidies similar to those in the EU in order to overcome the vicious circle that causes debts. Likewise, we have to set up a timetable for paying these debts,' Berceanu stated after his talks with the IMF.

After the talks the Finance Minister pointed out that the Romanian authorities have to establish arrears reduction targets. 'Arrears reduction targets certainly have to be established. It is a problem that I hope my two colleagues - the Economy and Transport Ministers - will solve so that the performance criteria agreed with the IMF will be observed,' he stated.

Solving the problems registered within the railway system entails the reduction of all expenditures and a correct calculation of subsidies, Berceanu also said, adding that the aid offered to railway companies should grow by 30-40 per cent.

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