President Basescu: 2010 will be a year of reforms and solidarity

Publish date: 04-01-2010
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2010 is a year that need to be dedicated to reform, a year when the Romanians must identify with their aspirations, 'join in solidarity with each other and with the country,' said President Traian Basescu in the Year New message he conveyed to the Romanians from the mountain resort of Sinaia (center-south).

'We step into a New Year, 2010, a year that needs to be dedicated to the reform of the state. On November 22, the greatest majority of the Romanians voted for the reform of the Romanian state, a reform starting from the most important institution of the state - the Romanian Parliament. But state reform does not mean just the Romanian Parliament. We need to reform, to modernize the education system.

Only this way will our children have the chance of high-level performance. Only thus will Romania - as a whole - become a high-performing country. We need to reform the health care system. We must reinforce the middle class,' said President Basescu. 'We must make sure that we capitalize on the resources God gave us. We have the conditions in place for a high-performance agriculture, successful tourism, for developing an IT industry Romania has enough brains to supply with.

We need a fair justice that should be equal for all, whether politicians or common people, money-padded or cash-strapped people. In the perspective of the coming years, we need to make of solidarity a way of living. The Romanians must unite with their aspirations, join in solidarity with each other and with the country. There is no reason why we shouldn't be proud of our country. The country's history, culture, our traditions, all recommend the Romanians as one of the most powerful nations of the European Union. For this reason, I believe that we must each bear in mind that love of country means patriotism. And patriotism is part of our solidarity with the country we live in, the country we love,' said the head of the state.

'2010 will be the year when we will get rid of the crisis,' said the President, who wished the Romanians 'good health, joy, happiness in the family and, most importantly, solidarity. Solidarity with ourselves and with our objectives.


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