Cultural tourism, one of Boc Government's aims

Publish date: 30-12-2009
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The development of cultural economy by ensuring an efficient legal, economic and financial-fiscal framework, the halt to the process deteriorating the national cultural patrimony, the development of some common policies between culture and education as well as the implementation of a public policy for the development of cultural tourism are only a few of the aims of the Emil Boc Government, which are to be found in the 2009-2012 governing programme.

In the field of culture the Government aims at promoting national patrimony, the one belonging to the culture of the national minorities included, but also at developing the synergy between the field of culture and other fields of activity such as the educational, social and economic fields, and at drawing up some trans-sectoral public policies.

They will also aim at preparing an operational programme devoted to the field of culture for the next programme period of the structural funds, 2013-2019.

The reform and diversification of culture financing public and private systems, with emphasis on transparency, equal and nondiscriminatory access to public funds, efficacy and specialized assessment, with a view to promoting diversity, quality, excellence and innovation, through alternative forms of artistic expressions included, is another aim of the Boc Government.

The Boc Cabinet thinks it necessary to develop, renovate and equip correspondingly the cultural infrastructures in keeping with the current cultural needs, to back the establishment of new museums and exhibitions as well as to support the private initiative in culture and the independent cultural field through financial and fiscal instruments as well as through the stimulation of the cross-border cultural cooperation.

The 2009-2012 governing programme also refers to the promotion of the values of Romanian culture and of the ones belonging to the national minorities in the international cultural flow and the support to the mobility of creators, artists, experts in the field of culture by implementing a programme of support measures that should include granting financial and material-logistic backing to residences, trips, studies and researches, to the stimulation of the presence and position on the international cultural market


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