President Basescu looking for Prime Minister

Publish date: 16-12-2009
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Negotiations to form a parliamentary majority are close to becoming a sure thing, following the validation by the Constitutional Court of Traian Basescu's second mandate as President of Romania.

His Democratic Liberal Party (PD-L) managed to obtain a majority, with three lawmakers, two Social Democrats and one National Liberal, who joined the "independent" ranks in the past few days. With the Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania (UDMR) by its side, following a promise of places in government, and the support of the parliamentary independents, PD-L can now obtain political support for an Executive, which requires 236 votes in Parliament. In a declaration for Realitatea FM radio, Vasile Blaga, PD-L official, said he does not exclude the possibility of the next Prime Minister being an independent, but insisted the appointment will be made by the Democratic Liberals.

"The candidate we supported for the presidential elections has won; we have the highest number of Parliamentarians, so it is natural that we should appoint the Prime Minister," said Blaga.

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