Over 32,000 Cars Scrapped In Romanian '09 Clunkers Program

Publish date: 15-12-2009
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Over 32,000 cars older than ten years were scrapped under the Romanian clunkers program this year, namely some two thirds of the overall number o vehicles the state aimed to replace in the beginning of the year.

The Environment Fund Administration (AFM) informed Monday that 32,327 cars older than ten years were scrapped in the 2009 edition of the clunkers program. Thus, the overall sum spent by the state for the program reached 122,842,600 lei (EUR1=RON4.2496) in 2009.

The 2009 edition of the program unfolded in three stages. In the first stage, unfolded between March 20 and May 29, there were 11,543 cars replaced, with scrapping bonuses reaching a value of RON43,863,400. In the second stage, unfolded between June 1 and August 31, there were 9,649 cars replaced, with the overall value of scrapping bonuses reaching RON36,666,200. In the third and final stage, between September 1 and December 11, there were 11,135 cars replaced, for which the state paid bonuses worth RON42,313,000.

Most of the new cars chosen by people in the program were Dacia Logans, covering more than half of all cars for which the state paid scrapping bonuses - 18,153.
Aside from Dacia, Romanians preferred cars from Renault (2,651), Skoda (2,249), Opel (1,557) or Chevrolet (1,475).


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