ANOFM: The number of unemployed rose by over 29,000 in November

Publish date: 11-12-2009
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The unemployment rate in Romania rose 0.4 per cent in November, from October, according to a press release by the National Employment Agency (ANOFM). Last month saw an unemployment rate of 7.5 percent, from 7.1 in October.. The total number of unemployed registered with county employment agencies came to 683,123 people, of whom 298,091 were women. Bucharest (2.2 percent) and the following counties had an unemployment rate bellow the national level: Ilfov (2.3 percent), Timis (4.4 percent), Bihor (5.7 percent), Satu Mare (6 percent), Cluj and Constanta (6.1 percent), Maramures (6.3 percent), Arad (6.5 percent), Botosani (6.9 percent), Giurgiu (7.1 percent), Vrancea (7.2 percent) and Iasi (7.4 percent)

The highest jobless rate was reported in the following counties: Braila and Suceava (7.6 percent each), Valcea (7.7 percent), Bistrita, Mures and Neamt (7.8 percent each), Sibiu (7.9 percent), Tulcea (8.2 percent), Brasopv (8.3 percent), Calarasi, Dambovita and Olt (8.4 percent each), Prahova (8.5 percent), Bacau (8.7 percent), Arges and Buzau (9.2 percent), Harghita (9.9 percent), Salaj (10 percent), Hunedoara (10.2 percent), Caras Severin , Galati and Gorj (10.5 percent), Covasna (10.6 percent), Ialomita (11 percent), Dolj (11.1 percent) Teleorman (11.5 percent), Alba (12 percent), Vaslui (13.3 percent) and Mehedinti (13.7 percent). Of all the unemployed persons registered nationwide, 400,692 collect unemployed benefits, and 282,431, don't.

Separately, pensioners who receive salary income for performing a professional activity on the basis of an individual labor contract or under an appointment statement had until yesterday to express in writing their option between having the payment of their pension suspended or ceasing work, or, depending on the case, to express in writing their option on being paid one of the pensions whose quantum allows the accumulated amount, Agerpres reports. The income from pension and salary respectively can be accumulated as long as the after-tax pension is smaller or equal to the average gross pay used for building the social security budget established annually through the state social insurance budget Law. For 2009, the average gross salary is of RON 1,693.

For those pensioners who collect both a public and non-integrated pension, or, depending on the case, but from non-integrated systems, the ceiling takes into account the quantum resulted from adding up all the pensions. If the accumulated pensions result in a quantum higher than the average before-tax pay, the person may only add to salary earnings the pension income of their choice, as far as it is lower than the average gross salary. The pensioners who perform professional activities on the basis of an individual work contract or appointment statement shall express in writing within 15 days since the present chapter has come into effect, their option between having the payment of their suspension suspended while they perform the said activity or ceasing employment if the net pension paid is higher than the average gross salary used for building the state social insurance budget.

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