BNR rate at the lowest level of the last two months - RON 4.2496/EUR

Publish date: 03-12-2009
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The National Bank of Romania (BNR) announced yesterday a reference rate of RON 4.2496/EUR, down 2.42 bani vs. the level published on Monday, representing the minimum of the last two months, evolution determined by the sales of foreign currency by the foreigners, Mediafax informs. The central bank announced a lower rate on October 1, when the rate was RON 4.2495/EUR. BNR published on Monday a reference rate of RON 4.2738/EUR, 0.69 bani below the rate of Friday. The interbank market was closed on Tuesday, the National Day of Romania. The RON appreciated also against the USD, BNR's reference being RON 2.8157/USD, 2.39 bani less than the value of Monday, of 2.8396 units. The first quotations of the day were at RON 4.2520 - 4.2550/EUR, down vs. Monday at closure when they were RON 4.2660 - 4.2690/EUR. The rate continued to go down in the first hour of transfer and reached a minimum of RON 4.2490 - 4.2520/EUR, a move determined by the big offers of foreign currency and the accumulation of long, purchase positions by non-residents, according to dealers. Subsequently, the commercial flows and the profits pushed the rate to RON 4.2575 - 4.2590/EUR, evolution met also on the important markets from the region.

The interest to sell returned, and by 13.00 hours the Euro was changed at RON 4.2480 - 4.2530. The banks posted in the morning declining reference interest rates for the placed (ROBID) and attracted (ROBOR) deposits with overnight maturity, of 8.17 - 8.67 per cent, against 8.39 - 8.89 per cent published on Monday, while for those with maturity over one week the posted rates were between 8.5 and 9 per cent, against 8.70 - 9.20 per cent on Monday.

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