CEI's goal, cooperation for sustainable development

Publish date: 12-11-2009
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The goal of member states of the Central European Initiative (CEI) is the cooperation for sustainable development, said on Wednesday Adriean Videanu, Minister of Economy and Health, at the opening of the meeting of economy ministers of CEI countries, which is unfolding within the activities taking place under Romania's presidency of the Central European Initiative.

The Summit in Copenhagen will be a decisive moment to prove our countries' commitment for the development of sustainable economy, said Adriean Videanu.

'The Romanian government is acting for the diversification of sources and routes of supply with hydrocarbons and energy efficiency,' said the Romanian Economy Minister who referred to Romania's involvement in the achievement of Nabucco project.

Referring to the diversification of energy sources, Adriean Videanu pointed to the completion of nuclear units 3 and 4 of the Cernavoda-based nuclear power plant, but also to the release of the project for the construction of a new nuclear power plant in Romania, with the strict observance of the environmental standards.

Adriean Videanu appealed to the CEI members for the capitalization of the future single market, an important step for its materialization being the interconnection of networks of gas and electricity of Romania with the neighboring countries.

'Romania wants to contribute to achieving the EU objective 20/20/20 and is making efforts for a new reindustrialization of the country, by cooperating with the private sector. The region of Central Europe will be the gateway of the energy resources into the EU and we'll have to represent the interests of suppliers from the Caspian Sea, but also of the European users,' said the Romanian Economy Minister.

Among the perspective projects, Adriean Videanu mentioned the transformation of the Danube into a European project, into a transport way between the Black Sea and the North Sea.


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