Top of first tend large debtors to state budget

Publish date: 05-11-2009
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The unpaid debts of big contributors to the state budget grew in the thirs quarter by one billion lei, to 6.41 billion lei, in the context in which the largest debtor was the National Coal Company and six companies have to pay over 300 million lei each. At the end of June, the obligations of the biggest ten debtors to the general consolidated state budget amounted to 5.47 billion lei.

According to data of the Public Finance Ministry, the National Cola Company had at the end of the first nine months, unpaid debts of 3.64 billion lei on the rise by 7.6%. The amount of 6.41 billion lei represents the cumulated debts of the big companies with the first ten cumulated debts. The biggest debts were accumulated by the state budget and the social security budget where companies have to pay 2.94 billion lei and 2.79 billion lei. Both amounts grew compared to the previous quarter, but the most powerful advance was recorded for debts to the state budget, which grew by 40% to 2.1 billion lei,.

The second largest debt to budget was registered by Galaxy Tobacco, for the first time included among the first ten debtors with payment obligations of 481.5 million lei of 481.5 million lei of which 99.6% to the state budget,. Of the amount to be paid back, the tobacco company has debts of 174 million lei for excises and 223 million lei of penalties and interest rates.

The National Railway Co,pany ranks third, but tax payer's debts grew by 22% from 349.6 million to 427.2 million. Of the first ten debtors three are railway companies. The fourth debtor is the National Coal Company which went down two positions compared to the month of June. The company had debts of 381.8 million lei at the end of September, 2 million more compared to the amount at the end of the second quarter.

The debts of Electrificare CFR grew by 30 million lei to 328.2 million lei and ranks fifth. The company Sasquatch Impex owned by Gabriel Epure is new among debtors with 305.4 million lei.UCM Resita which ranks seventh, was the only company in the top of first debtors whose bonds dropped from 264.5 million to 261.8 million lei. The eighth largest debt belongs to CFR Goods, which went down two positions with debts of 232.7 million lei, 24.6% higher than the June level.Moldomin held the returned to Electroputere Craiova with payment obligations of 151.4 million lei. Big tax payers are companies with an annual business figure of at least 70 million lei.

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