Notaries reject CC report regarding fees

Publish date: 02-11-2009
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The notaries reject the report of the Competition Council (CC) and say that their fees match the European average, stating that the investigation from which it results that the notary fees for real estate transactions are 14 times bigger than in Germany stir up the public opinion and disparage the institution of the notary, Mediafax informs.

The National Union of the Public Notaries from Romania (UNNPR) considers that CC, whose first duty should be objectivity, "misinforms severely the public opinion using cheap tricks in order to reach erroneous and biased conclusions." In their opinion, the informed persons understood the "enormity of this announcement" which does not rely on any of the proofs that the Report for the analysis of the real estate market and of the services related to real estate transactions try to bring.

The notary fees do not overlap with the taxes that the notaries collect for the state and are set by the Ministry of Justice, the institution which guarantees the public interest of the activity provided by the notaries in the relations between citizens, UNNPR stresses.

The Competition Council wants to propose the Government and Parliament the modification of the legislation for notary services, through the elimination of the restrictions regarding the number of notaries, the fees and publicity, showing that presently the Romanians pay 14 times more than a German for the same transactions. "The notary market is one of the most closed in Romania. The situation in Romania is much more serious than in the European Union, when there also is concern for this sector," Bogdan Chiritoiu, president of the Competition Council, declared on Thursday.

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