Trends in IT: Video content accessible wireless

Publish date: 21-10-2009
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Video content is, according to specialists, the platform around which future technologies will be developed. This aspect must be in the centre of strategies of telecommunication and television companies, who will be forced, in the near future, to respond to the need for interactivity of users, according to participants in the Global Forum 2009.

"If you see what is happening on TV today, video content is a driver, an engine for technology. People will use more interactive video," George Makowski, Chief Commercial Officer Business Segment of Romtelecom, present at the Global Forum event, told Business Standard.

The need for interactivity on the business segment is also visible in the videoconference area, for example, Makowski added, considering that this segment has registered significant increases in Romania as well. According to estimates by officials of the Norwegian Tandberg videoconference system producer, the local market will amount to $5 million (€3.38 mln) by year-end, up 25 percent compared to the total sales worth some $4 mln (€2.7 mln) registered last year, due to the focus of companies on cutting business trip generated costs.

On the residential segment, new technologies will give users the possibility of choosing the content they want to watch, the communication environment they wish to use, and the telecom or cable operator they want to sign a contract with.

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