Job increase after one and a half years

Publish date: 08-10-2009
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The increase of the number of jobs will not take place sooner than one and half years, according to the chairman of the National Council, of Small and Medium Private Companies in Romania, Ovidiu Nicolescu. "After periods of crisis, the increase of the number of jobs takes place six months after the consecutive GDP growth by 1%. In Romania, we will not be able to talk about a job increase sooner than a year and a half," Nicolescu added.

According to him, Jose Manule Barroso, the chairman of the European Commission said at the plenary meeting of the European Economic and Social Committee of 30 September that there have been signs of economic recovery in Europe but the crisis had not produces all its effects in the labor market, unemployment would continue to grow and 8,5 million people would lose their jobs until the end of 2010. According to data presented by Barroso, young people are the most affected by crisis, 14% of 2008 graduates requesting jobless compensation.

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