Romanian Car Tax To Apply To Euro 4 Cars Come Dec 15, '09

Publish date: 07-10-2009
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The normative act through which the registration tax for Euro 4 cars was suspended will not be renewable, thus, after the expiration of the norm, owners of cars with the Euro 4 pollution norm will pay the registration tax.

"I have held intense talks with the European Commission and we cannot renew the suspension applied to the registration tax on Euro 4 cars, thus, starting with December 15 (…) the tax will be paid," said Tuesday interim Environment Minister Elena Udrea.

Udrea added, in her first press conference as interim environment minister, that she does not intend to amend the current registration tax legislation.

In June, the European Commission sent Romania a letter of formal notice regarding the registration tax for cars, the first stage in the procedure for violations of community law, demanding the amendment of relevant legislation and adding the current system creates discrimination.

"The Commission is of the opinion that the provisions of the Romanian legislation, according to which the application of the pollution tax for certain motor vehicles is suspended while it is increased for certain used cars coming from other Member States, might discriminate against used cars brought from other Member States and protect the domestic new car industry," the European Commission wrote.

According to the Romanian legislation entered into force in February 2009, cars pertaining to the EURO 4 category and with a cylinder capacity of less or equal to 2.000 cmc are exempt from pollution tax in Romania if registered for the first time anywhere within the EU during the period from 15 December 2008 to 31 December 2009.

Following the changes in the Romanian legislation the Commission received a very large number of complaints. By issuing this press release the Commission informs the public on the outcome of its investigation of the Romanian legislation.

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