Romanians rank world's top three in English Language Testing

Publish date: 02-10-2009
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Romanians have ranked top three in the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), in 2008, in written communication and understanding written messages, reads a press release sent to Agerpres.

Over 1.2 million people worldwide took the IELTS test in 2008, among whom the Romanians who earned very high scores in tests such as the written English language communication and understanding written messages, with such scores placing them in the world's top three, along with the Germans and the Lithuanians.

The Romanians' practical ability of understanding written English messages was awarded the second place, after the Germans. The average scores earned in the category stood at 7.08 points, on an 1 to 9 scale. As for the written English tests, the Romanians ranked the third after the Germans and the Africans, at an average score of 6.39 points. The scores the Romanians earned in the IELTS tests show they have very advanced language competences, which allows them to study very complex subjects such as medicine, in universities teaching in English.

The scores in the IELTS tests in 2008 display a significant growth in the candidates' level, worldwide.

'The ever growing number of those taking the IELTS test is motivated by its practical benefit. The IELTS certificate is the best method to prove your capability of using the English language in real everyday life situations. The success the Romanians won in the tests last year shows that many Romanians choose English as the main international language that may help them in many situations. Most of the Romanians who study abroad prefer to be taught and to learn in English,' said examiner trainer for Romania Roxana Marinescu.

Likewise, English is most used in the international business environment and the Romanians who work in multinational companies or hold international businesses use English in their everyday activity.

IELTS is currently the leader in setting the standard of English language proficiency for higher education and immigration, with more than 1 million people worldwide having taken the IELTS test in 2008, and it is now accepted by more than 6,000 organizations worldwide.


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