Diaconescu: Romania's problem with its image represent a question of security

Publish date: 21-09-2009
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Romanian Foreign Affairs Minister Cristian Diaconescu has recently told a TV broadcast that Romania 'is still in the game' while referring to the new strategy of security adopted by the U.S. and the placement of the anti-rocket shield.

Asked about Romania's position towards the new priorities of the U.S., especially those related to the anti-rocket shield and the possibility some elements to be placed in Romania, Cristian Diaconescu answered, without giving any other further details, that 'Romania is part of the game.'

'Right now, I can assure you that Romania is part of the game. [...] The US didn't abandon the idea of discouraging from all viewpoints any risks and menaces [...] The US didn't leave the game. On the contrary, it came with a more open approach and more flexible and also with a more direct approach of all partners, especially Russia,' the Romanian high official said.
Asked about the U.S. decision to abandon the idea of placing anti-rocket shields in Poland and the Czech Republic, Diaconescu suggested that an understanding between Washington and

Moscow would be no doubt about it beneficial. 'No one will be left behind, it will be a very good thing indeed the U.S. to conclude an arrangement with the Russian Federation,' the Romanian ForMin said.

During the same TV broadcast, Cristian Diaconescu also mentioned that Romania's bad image abroad is currently representing a question of security. 'Our country's image problems represent a question of security,' he said.

In this context, the head of the Romanian diplomacy said 'there are a series of politicians abroad who are fueling among their conationals an unjustified aversion towards the Romanians.' That's why, Diaconescu added, Romania 'needs to show zero tolerance' when it comes of such anti-Romanian rhetoric of certain politicians in the EU


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