Young employees adjusting to the job market

Publish date: 21-09-2009
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Young people under the age of 30 on the labor market, the so-called Y Generation or the Generation of the Millennium, which received its training in a period of economic boom, is currently facing a reality that is reshaping their demands and working style, human resource (HR) specialists said.

These people are used to being promoted rapidly and change their job often, but the job shortage on the market is forcing them to adjust their behaviour. They are not used to giving up their free time, but recent layoffs have made them work harder, and overtime. For the Y Generation, the atmosphere at the office is as important as results, while layoffs and salary makes for a stressful environment for these workers. "The Y Generation in Romania is affected by the sudden passage from a shortage of talent to an ease for employers to find their necessary professional resources. If, before the crisis, employers were recruiting a large number of graduates and assumed the responsibility for investing in their professional training for at least one or two years, within the new context young graduates are no longer in the spotlight," said Ruxandra Stoian, Partner of the PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Romania consultancy company.

The labour market currently includes three generations - the older generation, the so-called "Baby Boomers," aged 48 - 65, those aged 35-48, or so-called X Generation, which ensures the management in most Romanian companies, and the Y Generation which was brought up in the internet school.

"Employers must consider the particularities of this generation compared to the previous ones, given its significant share, namely 15 percent of Romania's total population, and nearly 40 percent of the occupied population," Camelia Stanculescu, General Manager of the Manpower Romania recruitment company, said.

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