Basescu: Romania and USA need a new joint project portfolio

Publish date: 31-07-2009
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Romania and the United States of America must build, once the new Administration is installed in Washington, a new joint project portfolio, stated President Traian Basescu on the public radio station.

According to the head of state, the two countries had during Bush Administration such a portfolio, on which the Romanian-American cooperation was based.

'It is important to build now a joint project portfolio because during the Bush Administration we had such a portfolio: the military participation in Iraq and Afghanistan, organization of the NATO Summit in Bucharest, the American military presence in Romanian Army bases on the eastern border. As well, we also had a joint objective related to the implementation of conclusions of Istanbul summit on disarmament. (...) Nabucco project was also included in the Romanian-American partnership. We have to build a joint project portfolio with Obama Administration, as well', underlined Traian Basescu.

He said that he has in view a visit to Washington, and such a top level meeting must be based on a strong motivation.

'According to the tradition established in the recent years, a visit to the USA of Romania's President, irrespective his name, represents a political signal. (The visits) must have a consistent agenda, they have to be well grounded. Certainly, I contemplate a visit to Washington, when it can be arranged and when its content will not be resumed to a simple 'glad to see you', said Traian Basescu.

The President added that all signals received from Washington after Obama Administration installation demonstrate that the Romanian-American partnership is alive and well.

'There were some projects we had during the Bush Administration. For us, the United States continue to be the same partner and all the signals received from Washington, after the change at the White House, prove that Romania is further viewed as an appreciated and respected partner. Our partnership goes ahead irrespective of the top level meetings, or the highest level ones, so I can see no changes in the partnership with the United States, and Obama Administration confirmed this thing', added Traian Basescu.

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