Romanian Govt Postpones Vacation Bonus Granting Until Yearend

Publish date: 16-07-2009
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The Romanian Government decided to postpone the granting of vacation bonuses until the end of the year, when a complete analysis on the evolution of the economy and of the available budget resources will be performed, official sources told MEDIAFAX Wednesday.

Agriculture minister Ilie Sarbu said Wednesday he is convinced that the suspension of vacation bonuses for employees will determine them to sue the institution for their money.

The minister added this topic could be discussed in the Government meeting, since the court, on previous occasions, has ruled in favor of the plaintiffs in similar cases.

"A precedent was created and then we will have to apply (Wednesday), in the Government, one of two options: not give the money and forcefully pay it later under a court ruling, or give the money and leave things as they are," Sarbu said.

Ministry of Agriculture secretary general Miron Moldovan said Thursday that the institution postponed, starting with July, over an undetermined interval, the granting of vacation bonuses, due to the priority of securing normal wages, with the economic crisis in the backdrop.


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