Eight underground stations have new names as of Saturday

Publish date: 06-07-2009
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Transport Ministry completed all the details required for contracting a loan amounting to EUR 300 M from JBIC to be used for the construction of the underground line Piata Victoriei - Otopeni Airport.The underground stations Semanatoarea, Armata Poporului, Industriilor, Depoul IMGB, IMGB, Laromet, Policolor and Linia de Centura have, since this Saturday, new names, the new names remaining to be disseminated through information materials, maps and sound announcements in stations and inside the trains, Mediafax informs.

Metrorex specified that they changed the names of the eight underground stations in order to correlate them with the current facts in Bucharest. Thus, Semanatoarea becomes Petrache Poenaru, Armata Poporului becomes Lujerului, Industriilor - Preciziei, Depoul IMGB - Berceni, IMGB - Dimitrie Leonida, Laromet - Laminorului, Policolor - Nicolae Teclu, and Linia de Centura becomes Anghel Saligny. The names Lujerului, Preciziei, Berceni and Laminorului come from the names of the main streets that the underground lines in the region intersect with.

PM Emil Boc spoke about reorganizations in traffic so as to raise comfort and help Bucharest inhabitants save time between stations Pantelimon - Dristor and Preciziei - Anghel Saligny, without transfers to be necessary any longer," he said last Saturday, when visiting several underground stations, accompanied by Transport Minister, Radu Berceanu, Agepres informs.

Thus, as of Saturday, the train circulation shall be reorganized, without transfers, in Eroilor and Nicolae Grigorescu stations, distinctly on line 1, Pantelimon - Nicolae Grigorescu - Eroilor - Gara de Nord - Piata Victoriei - Dristor and line 3, Anghel Saligny (Linia de Centura) - Nicolae Grigorescu - Eroilor - Preciziei (Industriilor). The new train schedule enables the decrease of the succession interval between trains to up to 50 per cent, during the time period when an increase of transport capacity of the current underground network is completed, by 9 per cent, along the segment Nicolae Grigorescu - Eroilor.

He added that the Government was subsidizing 55 per cent of the underground fare and the expenditures incurred by its operation. PM added that the Government was interested, in the next time period, in starting the works at the new main line Gara de Nord - Otopeni, a project worth EUR 1 bln.

Transport Ministry completed all the details required for contracting a loan amounting to EUR 300 M from Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) to be used for the construction of the underground line Piata Victoriei - Otopeni Airport, as Radu Berceanu, Transport Minister, informed on Saturday.

Based on the technical and economic indicators of the project "Underground line Gara de Nord - Henri Coanda Otopeni International Airport," the total value of the investment, scheduled over seven years, is expected to reach EUR 1.05 bln, out of which EUR 214 M shall be allotted to the acquisition of equipment. The underground line, completely below ground, shall have a length of 15.79 km, 19 stations and a depot. The new line shall be operated by 21 trains, each with six wagons, and it will have a transport capacity of 50,000 passengers per hour in one direction.

The underground segment 1 Mai - Bazilescu requires EUR 50 m

The underground segment Piata 1 Mai - Bazilescu was supposed to be open for use in around 18 months, according to those recently declared by Metrorex general manager, Gheorghe Udriste, who accompanied PM Emil Boc and Transport Minister, Radu Berceanu, in an inspection addressing the works at the new lines of Bucharest underground network, Agepres informs. "In one year and a half, the underground segment Piata 1 Mai - Bazilescu could become operational for passengers, but we need EUR 50 M to complete the works," director general Udriste told Agerpres.

Out of the total amount to be allotted, nearly RON 770 M, RON 400 M will be used for exploitation, and the remaining RON 370 M for investments, according to Udriste.

EIB approves a loan of eur 370 m for the line Drumul Taberei - Universitate

The European Investment Bank (EBI) approved the provision of loan installment worth EUR 370 M for the construction of the underground line Drumul Taberei - Universitate, as Radu Berceanu, Transport Minister, recently informed, cited by Mediafax. He indicated that the authorities intended to "extend" the financing for next years. So that sufficient funds for the accomplishment of the project to be secured. "We have the general agreement of EIB for the loan of EUR 370 M," Berceanu said.

The Minister also specified that the remaining funds would be secured also from loans provided by EIB. The project of the main underground line Universitate - Drumul Taberei, implemented with external loans and funds earmarked from the budget is estimated to nearly EUR 700 M.

The line, to connect Drumul Taberei neighborhood to the center of Bucharest, shall have a length of 9.05 km and 14 stations, namely Ghencea, Prelungirea Ghencea, Raul Doamnei, Brancusi, Romancierilor, Drumul Taberei, Drumul Taberei 34, Favorit, Orizont, Academia Militara, Eroilor 2, Hasdeu, Cismigiu and Universitate 2, and from Piata Universitatii onward, a connection to Pantelimon neighborhood shall be secured.


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