Romanian Companies May Take Part In Car Park Renewal Program, Buy At Most 10,000 Units

Publish date: 22-06-2009
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Romanian companies will be included in the national car park renewal program, but may buy a maximum of 10,000 units, ministry sources told MEDIAFAX on Friday.

Out of the total 228 million lei (EUR1=RON4.2209) available for the program, RON190 million is allocated for natural persons, according to a government document obtained by MEDIAFAX. The RON38 million difference, covering 10,000 units, is allocated for companies, to be used when they choose to join the renewal program.

Environment minister Nicolae Nemirschi said early June that legal entities may join the car park renewal program as of September 1.

The total number of positions in the 2009 edition of the national car park renewal program grew to 60,000, compared to 40,000 in 2008. The dismantling bonus received by those who scrap their cars was increased to RON3,800 per unit, compared to RON3,000 in 2008.

Thus, the total amount of funding allotted to the program in 2009 reached RON228 million.

The Environment Fund Administration (AFM) has authorized 134 car producers, importers and distributors to take part in the second stage of the 2009 renewal program, admitting only those companies which used up at least 80% of the total allocated for the first stage.

The second stage of the program will take place between June 1 and August 31, with 27,936 cars available and RON106 million allocated by the AFM. Of the total number of cars, 7,936 are cars which were not sold in the first stage.



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