Romania Must Be Prepared For Possible Gas Crisis

Publish date: 16-06-2009
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Romania must find solutions to prevent a potential natural gas crisis during the winter, Economy Minister Adriean Videanu said Monday.

"We must find solutions in case Romania faces a natural gas crisis during the winter period. We must make sure the entire gas storage capacity of 3.015 billion cubic meters is being used and that all this quantity will be further stored; we must also make sure that we provide enough stocks of fuel oil and coal," Videanu said.

Videanu also said the ruling coalition leaders stressed upon the authorities finding solutions to ensure Romania's energy security during the winter period.

Videanu is the first vice-president of the Democrat Liberal Party PDL, which forms a coalition with the Social Democratic Party PSD.

Also, in the Monday coalition meeting, Videanu notified PDL and PSD heads on the energy-related talks at the last meeting of the Council of Europe. One of the meeting's conclusions was that Russia and Ukraine still diverge on the gas issue, the economy minister told the coalition leaders.

Early June, Russian Premier Vladimir Putin warned that Russia's gas supply to Europe, through Ukraine, may be suspended end-June or early July unless Ukrainian authorities pay for the gas stored in underground facilities.

In May, Russia rejected a proposal of Ukrainian Premier Yulia Tymoshenko, on Ukraine buying natural gas meant for its storage facilities worth up to $5 billion, into the account of transit tariffs to be paid by the Russian party, and talks reached a deadlock.


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