Romania to spend nearly lei 4m on internal touristic promotion

Publish date: 09-06-2009
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Romania's Tourism Ministry (MT) will spend almost 4 million lei to promote the country as a holiday destination for Romanian tourists, according to a bid announcement.

The "Tourist in Romania" campaign should run between August 1 and December 25.

Companies interesting in bidding should have recorded a turnover of at least 8 million lei during the last three years and should have had one advertising contract worth at least 300,000 euros or three contracts worth 450,000 euros. Advertising agencies interested in the campaign must offer a guarantee of 70,000 lei and an execution warranty of 10 percent of the contract's value.

Tourism Minister Elena Udrea announced last week that the preparations for the campaign will start on June 15. One of the main objectives of this campaign is to promote the holiday tickets for vacations spent within borders.

As to external promotion, Udrea declared last month that Romania's Tourism Ministry uses about 40 percent of the budget, 3.2 million euros respectively to that end.

She added the amount is not so big, taking into account that Greece benefits from a 75 million euro promotion budget and Spain from 450 million euros.


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