Employer unions focus on minimum tax

Publish date: 07-04-2009
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The minimum tax to be paid by companies posting losses or zero profit will be based on net sales, but no less than €500 annually, expenditures for cars worth less than €30,000 will be deductible, and employees will no longer be eligible for both royalties and a salary as per the employment contract from the same employer.

These are the conclusions reached yesterday during talks held by the Ministry of Finance, employers associations, and trade unions.

According to Bogdan Hossu, President of the Cartel Alfa trade union, the Ministry of Finance has included a clause in its draft emergency ordinance, to be approved by the government tomorrow, which refers to the regulation of royalty contracts.

"An article has been included, which states that workers with employment contracts may no longer benefit from royalty contract payments from the same company," Hossu said. Moreover, representatives of employers associations told the Ministry of Finance that the lump-sum tax should be paid depending on the company's turnover and not its field of operations.

"We requested that these companies with net sales between €0-15,000 be exempted from payments to the state, but the Ministry of Finance said it could agree to a reduction of no less than €500 annually," said the President of the General Confederation of the Romanian Industrial Employers (UGIR-1903), Cezar Coraci.

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