Transport Ministry suggests CFR should lay off 12,000 workers

Publish date: 23-03-2009
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The programme for the restructuring of the Romanian railway system submitted on Friday by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure to trade unions for consideration provides for a cut by 12,139 in the entire rail labour force.

The ministry has in mind to lay off 5,949 workers of the CFR Marfa freight carrier and its subsidiaries; 2,545 of the CFR Pasageri passenger rail carrier workers and staff of its subsidiaries; 3,536 of the CFR SA and subsidiaries; 109 staff of the National Rail Assets Administration Corporation (SAAF), the Rail Tourism Corporation (SFT), FER and the National Centre for Training and Qualification in Rail Works (CENAFER), Chairman of the CFR rail freight employees' trade union Gheorghe Popa told Agerpres.

The staff downsizing will be performed by discarding some non-interoperable circulation sections; discarding goods production centres; closing down technical and marshalling yards, closing down freight stations, and so on.

'FNFMC is categorically opposing staff redundancies and will make use of all legal means for preserving jobs,' said Popa.

The trade unions argue that there is no social security measure included in the restructuring programme for the laid-off workers.

'A laid-off worker in this highly difficult time is a sacrificed man standing no prospects. Moreover, the programme will also affect certain local communities and business operators following the closure of traffic wards and the cancellation of a large number of services, and that is why the restructuring process has to be discussed with us,' said Popa.


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