Copos recruits former head of UniCredit treasury

Publish date: 13-01-2009
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George Copos, one of the best-known Romanian businesspeople, has recruited the former treasury head of UniCredit Tiriac Bank, Bogdan Mihoc, to fill the position of chief financial officer of Ana group and put the entire group's finances in order. Mihoc, 34, is one of the best-known bank treasurers on the Romanian market.

Last year, the volume of transactions on the foreign currency market reached an all-time high of around 465bn euros, and UniCredit Tiriac was a top three player. Mihoc left UniCredit Tiriac last November, being one of the people who were "sacrificed" after the scandal around the speculative attack over the Romanian currency of October.

Mihoc's decision to accept Copos' offer comes as a surprise considering the businessman is known on the market as an employer hard to work with and as a rule treasurers want unlimited room for manoeuvre and to be able to take risks. On the treasury side, payments can go as high as 8,000 euros net per month, to which bonuses, representing a percentage of brought gains, and which can go beyond 100,000 euros net for treasury heads, are added. Market sources state Copos' offer for Mihoc was a significant one, too. Copos' annual turnover tops 120m euros. Unfortunately, his businesses are currently hurt by the global financial crisis.

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