A 50% Wage Hike For University Professors Is Too High - Romanian Education Min

Publish date: 07-01-2009
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The teachers' wage hike will be included in the draft budget, but a 50% increase is too high for university professors, Romanian Education Minister Ecaterina Andronescu said after talks with the union representatives.

Andronescu said on the backdrop of this year's economic problems the reasonable measure would be to have lower wage hikes for university professors, even if the Education Ministry is to get 6% of the Gross Domestic Product.

A 50% hike for university professors' wages is too much for Romania's economy, while an increase even lower than 33% would be reasonable, Andronescu said.

For the other categories of the education staff, a 33% wage hike is sustainable, Andronescu said.

"This is a difficult year. I think the normal thing to do is to find a reasonable solution for the professors' wage hikes," she said.

Education union representatives said after the meeting with the education minister the law needs to be observed by the letter.

"Enforcing just a part of the law makes it inapplicable. We ask for the enforcement of the law and most of all, we need to draw up a normative act avoiding discriminatory wage hikes," said Gheorghe Isvoranu, head of the Federation Spiru Haret.

"(…) I hope the 6 percentage points of the GDP will encompass the wage hikes stipulated by the current law," Andronescu said.


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