The Russia-Ukraine gas price feud hits Romania

Publish date: 07-01-2009
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The two thirds decline of natural gas deliveries from abroad could lead to higher prices for thermal energy in some areas, as all energy producers were forced to use alternative fuels, such as heating oils and coal. Romania received 75 percent less natural gas from Russia yesterday, due to the Moscow-Kiev dispute over gas prices. On Friday, gas imports through Ukraine had fallen by 30-40 percent.

State-owned gas transporter Transgaz announced yesterday that Russia's Gazprom had completely suspended gas deliveries through the Isaccea 2 station.

Gas deliveries from Russia to Romania through Isaccea 2 (southeastern Tulcea County) amount to 4.7 million cubic meters per day, and make up two thirds of the total imports. Russia currently delivers 2.5 million cubic meters of gas to Romania every day, through the Mediesul Aurit station. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Economy said that providing energy to the population is a priority for the government. The cabinet decided to lower gas consumption at electro-thermal plants, which are to use heating oils and coal to produce energy. Gas-based energy producers indicated that their stocks of heating oils are sufficient for 10 to 40 days, if Russian gas deliveries through the Mediesul Aurit station continue.

Officials of Romania's largest company, Petrom oil group, who attended a crisis meeting at the Ministry of Economy, said the company can increase its production of heating oils, which they could sell on the local market to energy producers.

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