Outgoing PM Tariceanu: We have a strong economy, well-prepared to face crisis

Publish date: 19-12-2008
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Premier Calin Popescu-Tariceanu said on Thursday that the Romanians should and can look with confidence to the future, as the accomplishments of the past four years during the rule of the Tariceanu government have earned them this 'right.'

'Of course, Romania will not have an easy time in the context of the current global economic crisis. But we are prepared for that. Today, we have a strong economy, capable of facing the economic crisis. Moreover, the government under my conduct has started implementing an Economic growth and Job generation Plan that includes realistic and responsible rightist measures, as well as concrete solutions to continue economic development, secure the Romanians' jobs and generate another hundreds of thousands of new jobs,' said the Premier in a stocktaking rendering of the major accomplishments during his rule.

Tariceanu reminded that in the last four years, Romania witnessed unprecedented economic growth that resulted in a twofold increase in wages and pensions.

'All these were possible because we governed with responsibility and implemented liberal, rightist policies. Today, the Romanians are EU citizens, Romanian products can be found in all the world's Capital Cities and Romanian values earned worldwide acknowledgement and respect. Today, Romania's middle class is stronger and better prepared to help prevent the economic crisis significantly affect the country,' added Tariceanu.

He pointed out that since Dec. 28, 2004, when he chaired the first government sitting to the end of the Cabinet's term, all the government's actions were directed towards stimulating economic growth and job generation.
'We introduced the flat tax and liberal measures for working Romanians to earn better. We encouraged investments in Romanian economy. We improved the revenues collection rate and invested tens of billions of euros in education, healthcare, agriculture and infrastructure. All these measures prompted an unprecedented development of economy,' said the PM.

He mentioned that the 2008 three-quarter GDP was by 8.9 pct higher than that registered in H1, 2007, marking a post-1990 record-high growth.

According to Tariceanu, 2005-2008 can be considered the 'time with the highest investments in Romania's modern history,' as aggregate foreign investments over the past four years hit 37 billion euros. He underscored that the only vulnerability of Romanian economy is the current account deficit, because 'our imports are higher than exports.'

Tariceanu mentioned that in recent years, more than 8,000 schools were built and modernized, over one thousand kilometers of rural roads in 1,700 localities were revamped and over 1,500 new ambulances for hospitals were procured.

The Premier in office added that whereas the leftist government at rule between 2000-2004 lost 1,540,000 jobs, 600,000 new jobs were created between 2005 - 2008.

'In these days, when the global economic crisis endangers the Romanians' jobs, it is important that we continue with the enforcement of rightist policies that helped us create hundreds of thousands of jobs, and not leftist policies that resulted in job shedding,' advised Tariceanu.

He added that the Liberal Party would further make efforts for the incoming government to enforce such right-orientation economic policies that pave the way for middle class development.

'The effect of these policies promoted by the government was an important, even spectacular rise in the population's purchasing power and a higher financing capacity for SMEs. (...) The visible results are that increasingly more Romanians buy a car, acquire property, can easier find a better paid job in strong companies,' specified the PM.

Tariceanu called on the next ruling line-up to keep on rising pensions by stimulating economic growth, and warned that he will make a forceful, yet constructive opposition by promoting Romania's priorities.


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