Protocol signed by PSD+PC, PD-L valid till 2012

Publish date: 15-12-2008
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The Partnership for Romania protocol signed on Sunday at Parliament Palace by the leaderships of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), Conservative Party (PC) and Democratic Liberal Party (PD-L) includes 25 goals that chiefly target the reform of crucial sectors of the Romanian society and the increased efficiency and credibility of the parliamentary institution.

President of the Social Democratic Party Mircea Geoana said that the signing of the ruling protocol with the Democratic Liberal Party is an historic moment.

"It is an historic moment, since apparently opposed forces have chosen to unite their forces after 20 years", Geoana said.

Leader of the Democratic Liberal Party Emil Boc said that the goal of the ruling protocol is "to give Romania stable governance in hard times".

"We have gathered in this document the best and most urgent measures", Boc stressed.

The main goal of the Partnership for Romania is that the PD-L and PSD+PC Alliance take upon themselves the governance of Romania and the corresponding parliamentary support. According to the document that is valid until 2012, the PSD+PC Alliance and the PD-L will field their own candidates for Romanian president at the elections due in 2009.

The document also stipulates that while the 16 percent flat tax rate will be maintained, there will also be granted compensatory measures and measures meant to curb taxation for the low-income persons as well as by cutting taxes.

The ruling parties also seek to boost the efficiency of the parliamentary institution and mostly its credibility. The document speaks of the continuation of the election system reform and the strengthened role of Romania abroad.

A major goal of the protocol is to provide a climate of stability by the ruling partners amid the global economic and financial crisis.

The document lays down the main guidelines in a range of essential areas such as agriculture, education, business climate, research, stimulation of the young families, securing the required revenues to back the pension system, the adoption of measures to restrain the public money spending.


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