Businesspeople optimistic about PM nomination

Publish date: 11-12-2008
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President Traian Basescu yesterday nominated Liberal Democrat (PD-L) Teodor Stolojan, a renowned economist and former Prime Minister, as Romania's new PM, a week and a half after general elections with the toughest score in 20 years.

Stolojan, 61, is one of Basescu's closest political allies. His nomination must be validated by Parliament this month. "I considered a person able to understand and manage the economic crisis, on the one hand, and a person with sufficient authority to properly manage the government and state institutions, as Romania is increasingly affected by the global crisis," Basescu said.

Liberal Democrats won the elections by a mere two seats in the Senate and one seat in the Chamber of Deputies ahead of the main opposition party, the Social Democrats (PSD). The two parties are to form a coalition government together.

Businesspeople interviewed by Business Standard are moderately optimistic about the nomination. As governing manager, he is seen as a qualified and experienced person, but the business community has doubts about his ability to manage relations between members of the future ruling coalition. The Liberal Democrats are centrists, while Social Democrats have a center-left program. Furthermore, the two parties have been political foes much of the time, as they have always been on opposite sides in previous governments.

"As far as his speech is concerned, he is flawless, coherent, and says the right things. If he wants to do his job, he can do it, because he knows what he has to do and with whom," said executive search specialist George Butunoiu. However, Butunoiu added, Stolojan "is not a person one wants to have around. He has no charisma and might not manage to impose authority."

Business Standard

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