Dacia Logan sales in Europe rose 42.6% in first ten months of 2008

Publish date: 08-12-2008
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Dacia Logan sales went up 42.6 percent in the first ten months of 2008, by 89,775 sold units, according to Automotive News Europe magazine.

According to the source, despite a plunging car market in Europe, Dacia enjoys the demand for cars with a balanced quality/demand rate.

Dacia Logan is dealing well with the crisis, as there has always been a European market for pragmatic customers in search of a proper combination of price, equipment and versatility, such as Dacia Logan, according to the company's marketing director Arnault Baral.

This year's sales of Logan cars exceeded those in 2007, when Dacia sold 80,000 Logan units all over Europe.

Dacia sales are going up on the European market against last year, with a 23 percent increase in Germany, 74.7 percent in Italy, with both markets having fallen 17.7 percent, 30.23 percent respectively in November, against the same month lay year.

Sales of Dacia cars in Romania dropped in November 52 percent, to 4,600 units against 9,000 units last November, company's general manager Francois Fourmont told Agerpres Friday.

The fall was generated, in his opinion, by the consequences of the financial crisis on the loan and the inflow of imported second-hand cars.

Furumont said that in November alone over 50,000 secon-hand cars were brought in Romania.

The first worrying signs on the Romanian car market emerged in October, when sales of Dacia cars dropped 30 percent.

In October 2008 Dacia sold in Romania 6,664 units against 9,094 units in October 2007.


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