Voiculescu interested in the banking system

Publish date: 03-12-2008
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Businessman Dan Voiculescu, who controls the Grivco group, with operations in energy, media and industry, took steps to enter the banking market, according to banking sources for Business Standard.

The information was confirmed by sources close to Voiculescu, who say that discussions relating to the project began one and a half years ago, and were ongoing last summer.

When questioned by Business Standard whether he filed an application to establish a financial institution with the National Bank of Romania (BNR), Voiculescu likewise declined to comment on the information.

BNR officials said late last week that a bank with Romanian capital last week filed papers for approval. Given the timeline for approval, the lender should receive a green light four months after submitting the application.

The necessary capital for founding a bank is €10 million, not to mention funds needed for the bank's development. Lenders say that, while certain banks in the Romanian system will opt for mergers and survival techniques, the would-be 2009 banker will not have given up searching for opportunities, in spite of a worsening of international crisis effects.

Business Standard

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