Over 45 percent of Romanian employees plan to change their place of employment

Publish date: 03-10-2008
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A mere 29 percent of Romanian employees are satisfied with their salaries, with 24 percent fairly satisfied, half not so satisfied, and 23 percent totally dissatisfied.

Salaries are the main cause for Romanian concern. Romanian employees are the most dissatisfied in Europe in terms of salaries, according to a study carried out by Accor Services, one of the most important meal ticket companies, and Ipsos Research institute.

Over 45 percent of Romanian employees plan to change their place of employment, while 7 percent are already looking for another job. "Among European employees, only the French are as dissatisfied about their salary," said Philippe Blecon, General Manager of Accor Services Romania.

Romanians also expect extra-salary benefits. In this regard, 35 percent of Romanians are totally dissatisfied, 34 percent are not so satisfied, and only 3 percent are satisfied. Most Romanians want training as a benefit (64 percent), 58 percent want vacation bonuses, while 45 percent want private pensions.

"Some Romanian employees are accustomed to say they are unhappy, although the situation today is much better than in previous years. It is true that wages are low in some areas, but in other areas the wages are equal or even higher than in neighboring countries," said Cosmin Joldes, national business development Manager of the Achieve Global training company.

The study indicates that the situation regarding incomes and benefits does not radically impact the way Romanian employees perceive their work and their Professional situation in general. "Romanian employees continue to associate work with pleasure, while in Europe safety in the workplace comes first," says Blecon.

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