Romania's oil companies to stock 92,100 tons of fuel

Publish date: 11-08-2008
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This year, Romanian oil companies will stock 92,100 tons of fuels, 12,100 tons more than in 200, in an operation that will cost €23.61 million, €2.77 mln higher than the amount paid last year, according to Mediafax news agency.

Minimum reserves for 2008 were calculated on the basis of last year's consumption and are subject to government approval.

Companies to store fuel reserves in their own storage areas are Petrom, 30,000 tons of crude oil, Rompetrol Rafinare, 10,500 tons of diesel fuel, Petrotel-Lukoil, 9,400 tons of diesel fuel, Unicom Holding, 800 tons of diesel fuel, D.G. Petrol SRL Bucharest, 500 tons of diesel fuel, MOL Romania Petroleum Products Cluj Napoca, 500 tons of diesel fuel, and Steaua Romana Campina, 400 tons of diesel fuel.

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