Traian Basescu attends events of "Friendship Days" Summer School

Publish date: 02-08-2008
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President Traian Basescu participated on Friday in the events of 'Friendship Days' Summer School held in the Serbian town of Tara.

"I gladly came to neighboring and friend Serbia for a meeting with children that are educated in the spirit of Europe and in the spirit of observing the cultural values of each European nation", said Traian Basescu.

The president said the activities of the children in this camp represent in fact training for life. "What you do in this camp is in fact training for Europe's real life, a Europe where the cultural values, language and habits are observed. Romania and Serbia were in their history affected by nationalism, extremism, and the politicians' incapacity to communicate," said Traian Basescu.

He thanked the organizers - the nongovernmental organization "Our Serbia" - for the fact it dedicated a day to Romania in this year's edition of the summer school.

"I propose that next year you spend one week here and one week in Romania, at the invitation of Romania's President", said Basescu.

Serbian President Boris Tadici underscored the friendship between the Romanianand Serbian peoples over the centuries. "A Romanian proverb says that Romania has two friends - the Black Sea and Serbia. Serbia has Romania as a friend country but unfortunately we do have a sea", said Boris Tadici.

He thanked on this occasion Traian Basescu for everything the latter did in support of Serbia. "I ask President Basescu to feel like home. We wish that after we finish our terms as presidents the tradition of the frienship relation between the two countries is continued by our succesors," said Tadici.


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