Managers in Romania expect both economic growth and price increases in Q1 2008, statistics show

Publish date: Astazi, 28-02-2008
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Managers of companies in Romania anticipate the first quarter of the year will bring both economic growth and price hikes compared with the same period last year, the country's statistics body INS showed.

Some of the most developing industries will be the processing one, constructions and retail, according to INS which pointed the prices of tariffs will also rise.

In Romania, tariffs, such as rents and telephone bills, are calculated in euros and paid in lei, being dependable on the exchange rate which has seen consistent drop this year.

Managers in the processing industry foresee a 20 percent growth of production in the first three month this year, the most optimistic target being of a 27 percent growth, according to managers in the field who look after companies with more than 500 employees. Headcount will see slight drop of about 6 percent these months, INS pointed. Prices of industrial products will hike 38 percent, exceed recent estimates last month of 34 percent.

Construction works will increase 23 percent starting spring, on warmer weather and growing demand. Retail companies will see a 29 percent increase of sales in the first three months this year, INS showed, on more orders, growing demand. Managers estimate the merchandise stock in February will be a good one and foresee a slight increase in number of employees in the field.

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