Romania targets to cut power consumption by 13.5% over the next nine years

Publish date: Astazi, 16-02-2008
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Romanian authorities plan to reduce 13.5 percent of the power consumption in nine-year time, according to the president of the Agency for Energy Conservation (ARCE), Tudor Constantinescu.

ARCE started a program to rise energy efficiency in the following nine years prodded by the European Union's plan to become leader in energy efficiency, Constantinescu said.The agency will focus on the high potential sectors, also taking care of the residential, industrial and transportation sectors.

Romania's electricity resources fell 2.2 percent last year versus 2006 owing to 1.1 percent higher consumption and decreasing production, according to the country's statistics body INS.

Primary resources decreased 0.9 percent in 2007 against the previous year, to 41,266.01 tones of oil equivalent, INS showed. Electricity resources last year accounted for 61,824.6 million KWh.

The final electricity consumption in 2007 stood at 50,899 million KWh; street lighting rose 2.7 percent and general consumption of the population increased 6.2 percent.


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