Romania's population falls to 21.53 million last year on birth rate drop, statistics show

Publish date: 16-02-2008
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Romania's population reduced to 21.53 million people last year as a consequence of the birth rate decline; the number of marriages also dropped and worrying death rate among babies lowered, the country's statistics body INS announced.

Only 214,000 babies were born last year, 6,000 less than in 2006, INS showed. The birth rate stood at 9.9 new-borns per thousand people. The death rate reduced 6,000 too, to 252,100. Moreover, the death rate among babies fell last year over the previous.

About 15,000 babies were born in December last year, 2,400 less than the month before and 6,600 marriages were registered, 3,900 less than November 2007. The number of divorces increased by 400 month-on-month, to 3,100 in December, according to statistics.

The number of marriages last year stood at 190,000, with 42,600 more than the previous year, after a law granting financial support to newly-created families entered into force. Some 33,000 divorces were registered throughout 2007, 600 more than the previous year, INS reported.


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