Fight to win over telecommunications market in Romania to get steeper this year, Deloitte foresees

Publish date: 12-02-2008
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The number of digital communications will increase significantly on the telecommunications market in Romania leading to a savage fight for clients and storing a series of surprises for this year, a study from Deloitte shows.

The mobile phone market in Romania evolved rapidly over the last year and it is expected to adapt to the fearful competition this year too when new players such as RDS&RCS will break into the market threatening the current leaders Orange, Vodafone and Cosmote.

The telecommunications market in Romania will offer some interesting surprises in 2008, one of them being that connections between mobile phone and land phone operators will be tighter, Deloitte Romania Senior Manager, Andrei Ionescu said. "The fight for clients will be sharper. Only few players will be able to cover both mobile and landline without needing an ally," he said.

The difference between competitors will be made by marketing and PR strategies, coupled with better technology. Deloitte forecasts the number of digital communications to grow and vary this year.

The GSM will reach its maturity on September 7, 2008 celebrating 21 years of existence. Deloitte representatives estimate some 6 billion text messages and 16 billion minutes of conversation to be transmitted through the more than 700 GSM networks from the more than 200 countries.

The previsions are based on information collected from the clients of the Deloitte member companies, the analysts in the technology industry, media and telecommunications, as well as from interviews with worldwide TMT managers.
The biggest players that currently share the telecom market in Romania are the mobile phone operators Vodafone and Orange. Other two younger players still fighting to expand business are Zapp and Cosmote.

Deloitte Romania is one of the biggest financial advisory and audit companies in Romania, a local arm of the world audit company with the same name.


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