Austria opens labor market for Romanians, with most of the jobs in constructions, after one-year ban

Publish date: 25-01-2008
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Both Romanians and Bulgarians will have access to 50 professions in Austria, after the country opened its labor market for the citizens of the new EU members, following restrictions throughout the previous year, a release by the National Agency for Labor Force Occupancy (ANOFM) reads.

Most of the professions that are now accessible to Romanians are in the constructions industry. Nevertheless, Romanians can also work as engineers or highly qualified technicians.

Earlier this week, France granted Romanians and the citizens of the European Union members free access to another 150 professions in constructions, commerce, agriculture or informatics

The National Department for Romanians Working Abroad (DMS) said last year the number of Romanians leaving to work abroad declined 15 percent in the first three months of 2007 against the same period last year, with Germany being the top destination.

More than 10,000 Romanians left the country in the first three months last year to find work abroad; 85 percent went to Germany where the average salary can reach 1,200 euros a month.

Approximately 110,000 work visas were issued to Romanians in 2006.

The Foreign Affairs Ministry had previously said the official number of the Romanians legally living in the EU exceeds 1.2 million, with approximately 500,000 residing in Italy and 450,000 in Spain.

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