Office equipment market to exceed 80 million euros in 2008

Publish date: 21-01-2008
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The Romanian office equipment market will reach 370,000 units this year, 23 percent more than last year's 300,000 units. Officials of the Association of Information Technology and Communication Equipment Producers and Distributors (APTEDIC) are estimating that the market value will exceed 80 million euros.

'We are expecting this figure to rise by 25 percent in 2008, to some 121.5 million dollars (82.7 million euros), with this evolution linked closely to a rise in PC sales,' according to a statement for Business Standard by Valentin Negoita, Presiden tof APTEDIC.

The evolution in the real estate sector has led to greater demand for office equipment.

Demand for color office equipment is still low, but has a great potential for growth, doubling in 2007, even if the best sold equipment continues to be black and white.

'We are expecting a very good evolution for multifunctional laser equipment and increased sales of color equipment,' said Marius Persinaru, General Manager of Xerox Romania and Republic of Moldova.

Company representatives predict overall growth above the IT market average. 'We estimate that the turnover for the 2007-2008 fiscal year, ending on 31 March, will exceed 5.5 million euros, 25 percent more than last year,' said Radu Crahmaliuc, Country Manager of Brother Romania.

Xerox is expecting a major increase in the sale of color office equipment.


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